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Martial arts, self defence, fitness diet and nutrition have been my passions since my adolescent years. From the age of 11 my father enrolled me into the local karate club situated just off the drive in gantshill essex.  I would embark on a journey with many avenues, objections, obstacle and intricate roads to lead me on a path to mixed martial arts. It took place in a hall, screaming with character and  adjacent to St Andrews church.  The style that would be the  my first stone causing a ripple effect in my life was Wado Ryu  (look up Cecil T. Patterson (1930–2002 and the roots of Wado Ryu.)  For seven years I competed, fought many tournaments and was humbled by the honor and respect karate brings.


When involved in a nasty street attack at aged 17, the consequences would map a different journey.  I was not pleased with my  reactivity element that was supposedly embedded in me. It was to my understanding that research needed to be done.  With seven years under my belt, a strong concept of confidence although my technique was too fixed. The street attack had no rules, no referee, my attackers were not disqualified for hitting  under the belt.  My mind set and the consequences in which I suffered told me it is inevitable that I shall taste many arts and expressions of fighting.


Gaining speed and working extensively on my reflexes,  my punching ability and precision for targeting would go through a tweaking stage. Wanstead rugby club and canning towns PEACOCKS boxing and martial arts gym would be were I would train. I enjoyed and worked tirelessly with a lot of inspirational athletes and was humbled by there consistency, motivation and athleticism.

One thing playing in my mind was that I shall not neglect my legs, plus the limitations involved in boxing, no elbows, would mean heaven forbid if I was faced with another attack, a convoy of fists coming from me, in which I was quite confident would surly break my knuckles. Thank you boxing for giving me another element to the art of fighting but I shall move forwards and drink with an unquestionable thirst more. Without the use of all the other parts of my body, the fight that has been burning within in me, well it would be pointless, I will surely loose.



Fitness first gym situated in Ilford Essex.  I would meet an instructor who taught a thai boxing class. Carl was his name and a talented athlete he was. Carl and  myself would develop a good friendship, I would attend his classes in 2004 and am forever happy for doing so.

An unbelievable effect this had on my life. After realising the devastation caused by the art of eight weapons, using hands, legs, elbows, knees clinching, foot thrust, clinching and neck wrestling,as well as the defense.  This brought a whole new meaning to POWER that I would utilize in this no mercy SPORT emanating from THAI LAND. Utilizing my core and taking my body to another dimension.  I would decide that Thai land would be were I should train and compete.  Just as one who wishes to learn a language, what better than to go to the country and learn.

I spent just under 6 months and had to be broken in order to except the style properly.  That meant, loosing many a fight with the locals and understanding that I would need to train twice a day in order to have the edge. One would have to eat, sleep and train within the confines of the Thai boxing camp. My body fat went down to 6.5% and at the age of 23, weighing 62 kilos and at a height of 5 foot 7 inches, well, I was programmed to forget about the pain.  Infact I was taught to know  that any pain that might be merging within me was like music, all I have to do in dance with it.  Any pain that might cling to me was good as I’m still alive.  I eventually gained the respect of my teachers and give  my blessings to them for helping me become a better fighter. Thank you to the camps

1.WMC Muay Thai Camp Lamai, Koh Samui, Thailand

2. khaosanroad, Sor. Vorapin boxer training center in bankok.

3. Fairtex Muaythai Training Camp 179/185 – 212 Moo 5, North Pattaya Road, Naklua, Banglamung, Chonburi 20150 THAILAND.


The power in my kick was super, confidence had taken me to yet another level, hence such experiences in Thailand shall never be forgotten, ( would be happy to tell you my adventures guys and girls)  one thing missing though???  You see on my quest to be an overall machine, trained to handle serious life threatening situations and eventually to share my knowledge I have not yet told you a story that gave birth to “WELCOMING ME INTO THE REAL WORLD”.

Sitting in a cafe – shisha chill out lounge in ban kok, Afternoon time.  Finished early morning training and relaxing my mind, body and spirit. I was indulging on a fallafall and watching a rather gripping emotional scene from THE PIANIST.  Usually in most back packing style cafes in Thailand, films are shown on big screens, random colorful cushions are thrown around and fast food is common.  There must of been about 8 or 9 people watching this film. Through out the whole movie behind us 3 guys were making the most ridiculous and quite disturbing remarks.  Laughing out loud obnoxiously and frustrating a lot of people. It gets to the scene were the Nazis line a few Jews who have been subjected to the monstrous atrocities, may they be blotted out forever.  Just at the point of when they are about to execute them, you would think that out of normality and respect they would quieten down, this was not the case. Being the type of character that I am, filled with anger, I walk over to them and ask ever so nicely, “do you mind having some respect guys, The policy in this cafe is to keep it down as there is a film on, not to mention some of you’re comments I, my friend and many other people find offensive.  They looked at me as if I was an alien and carried on talking to each other. At the point I had realised I was dealing with a group of very sick and disturbed people. In fact, heartless pigs.  I went over to the film, turned up the volume to drown out there obscene and disgusting behaviour. Upon doing so a few people thanked me and we carried on with the film. Moments later one of the guys walks over to the screen and turns the volume right down, walks back to his pack of hyenas and proceeds to have a bubbling conversation.  I then get up and turn it up.  He looks over to me, stands up, uses some abusive language and from his pocket gets out a flick knife out and proceeds to come towards me.  What do I see, tunnel vision, anger in his eyes, Ive offended him in front of his small minded friends. At this point a lot of screaming from customers and people around me, although It was inevitable he was coming towards me. My mind, body and the will to live quickly turned itself on.  My hands were up although I didn’t really know how to deal with a knife.  It wasn’t fists, knees or elbows, this was a weapon responsible for taking someones life within one blow.  The tables had turned on me. I could feel my pulse and heart beat race so fast that I was unable to talk. One lesson that is always drummed into the world of street protection is run!!  Well how unfortunate for me that i was sitting in the far corner of the cafe. No exits behind me, entrance parallel to me behind my attacker.  I’m bracing myself and with no knowledge my hands are up my stance is fluid, my eyes are focused like an eagle and I’m filled with a multitude,  a colossal of adrenaline that would make a rugby team high.  He is a few metres away from me, I manage to get the words out of my mouth ” move away, I am a trained fighter and will hurt you”.  This animal didn’t care, his irrational mind has probably dictated to him ever since he was a baby.  1 metre away and I start shouting, ” I will finish you” people are shouting in the background but it was like a very bad echo. Then within moments this angel jumps over a chair, takes his hand in a lock, focusing on the knife, disarms him and puts him into a choke hold,  boy how he was able to do that so quickly, the great Hudini would of been impressed. He was chucked out along with the other hyenas stroke funny looking wanna be hench men,  I was a very, very lucky guy.

Turns out it was the owner.  He was baring up and that was the final straw.  In a very chilled out way the owner said, ” you look tough my man, I see buy you’re Thai shorts that you are a fighter no?” I don’t even answer, I just try to digest what has happened and were do I go from here. Eventually after a good mint tea, thanking the LORD for giving me a chance in this world, (boy hes given me so many chances), I go to ask him what style of fighting he does.  He tells me KRAV MAGA.  Need I explain any more.

KRAV MAGA AND HOW IT SAVED MY LIFE.   At age 23, fresh from Thailand I enroll with krav maga at a martial arts school in hendon under Master Golan Levy. The rest in history. Currently still studying and have never looked back.  Krav Maga, well I could go on and on.  Quite simply it consists of all the martial arts, Thai boxing, Brazilian Jujitsu, and the most effective way to deal with knife attacks, guns, batons and other tools used to hurt. The enhanced Psychology that comes with it, that is truly imperative and has given me so much as a martial artist. It uses an art that is so user friendly, in all honesty my mother is able to do. The engineering comes from the natural body self defense mechanisms. It is the ultimate all round fighting system the military in Israel and now many armies and special forces are using all around the world.  Now when doing the math, you will see that Israel is 0.01% of the middle east, they have had confrontation from the beginning of time.  So the development of such a system was imperative.  This system is truly magical.

I am blessed to have been saved from the that incident and have vowled to train and learn the art so I can pass on this knowledge.


kind regards, David Amroon                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        .



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