krav maga energy seminar ” To value ones life “


This seminar has touched the lives of a lot of people… Many have been rehabilitated through krav maga after suffering the cold unforgiving hand of crime..
This self defence system is the true Krav maga.. Our club is proud to hold the flag of help, love and protection to all who wish for it…

Please join and see why we are not just a kravmaga club,

we are a family….


krav maga in london…

Just to tell all the krav maga enthusiasts out there…

West Fields Gym Box Stratford is absolutely larger than life….  We have been holding so many self defence programmes, that numbers fill up so quickly… The unique classes are reaching out to a lot of people and most especially to the ones who have been searching for an effective programme…

These classes are designed to rehabilitate, educate, and turn the every day person into a self defence wonder…  We programme you with realism and not fiction.. The system of Krav Maga is a solution to a problem.. So the main conclusion to this blog is remember that there are no referees outside on the street, no gum shields and you will not always have friends with you…

This blog is just to say that we are so proud of all our students who have reached out to us, it is a pleasure to be giving over this knowledge to you all… We are truly humbled..


Head instructor.


Robbery At The ATM

“GFA treat life and value it to such a high degree.”

Upon hearing from the police and community officers, an increase in street crime has been occurring. This has reached such an all time high. Vulnerable people are being targeted in the community’s around local areas you will be very familiar with. Recklessness and immorality are but passive words to such a cowards way.

We are designing, and reconstructing videos to help people have an understanding of how to react in a manner that WILL give you a better chance to save you’re life.

The system, Krav Maga, emanating from its birth place Israel has Moves that have been challenged in real life scenarios, pressure tested and work according to efficiency.

Remember these videos are done with trained people. In a situation always avoid confrontation and get away. Then you should phone the police.

So for more info follow us on twitter and check out the website.

For reference this ATM has been targeted more than 3 times in the last three months.

Water And The Extension Of Life

GFA are proud to be hosting  Dr Willie Ong. He has dedicated years of research to understanding optimum nutrition.  Enjoy and drink  this knowledge.

Follow me on my quest for the ultimate in Krav Maga recognition

Certification from Wing Gate. The best university for Krav Maga in the world.

At GFA, we pride ourselves on strong foundations.  These foundations you will see on the home page. There are some othersthat should be mentioned. SINCERITY AND TRUTH.

These are highlighted in our WHAT WE DO and ABOUT DAVID pages.

You will see clearly that all credentials have been highlighted explicitly. There are no hidden worries about our experience and we are upfront.

David has explained, and will be more than happy to take any questions about his experiences.

You should get a pretty good idea about his experiences any way by watching his videos, analysing the gruelling ring time he has spent with his opponents, his ability to practice what he preaches, his flexibility inn martial arts to educating and breaking down various techniques.

His tutorials on you tube fromdynamic fitness to optimum health.

This blog is also dedicated to David’s passion for krav maga. With already fours behind him in intensive training, follow David on twitter as he puts his mind to achieving his dream of becoming a krav maga instructor with the highly acclaimed and best university inn the world for such a privilege, WING GATE.

As David quotes, ” The Israelis aint gonna make it easy forthis bouya!! they gonna push me hard, that is what I like. What they don’t understand is when they see my facial characteristics, first impressions would be, he’s broken.


That look inn my face, the water around my pupils is tears of happiness.

At the top of my voice, just on the brink of the pain thresh hold, I shall sing like the morning bird, ” give me moreeeee!!!

Blog on the efficiency and power of psychology incorporated in fighting and fitness

One of the key elements at gurufitness is the major emphasis on Psychology.  We understand and utilize its unparallelled and uncomparison able power. In this section, you will understand why we use Psychology inn all aspects of our system krav maga, street fighting and fitness. Buy the time you have finished reading this, a strong sense of well being will enter you.

We anticipate that you will tap into you’re subconscious and realise that an unimaginable power is part of you.

Its been lurking around, waiting to enhance you’re life like never before. We are here to make sure you utilize all of it.

So what shall we cover and were do we start?  Here is a list of things that shall be covered :

1. Does Psychology effect our performance inn training? 2. How much better can we enhance our performance with the use of Psychology? 3. What is the method, or methods into tapping into our Psychology? Trying to explore what makes us tick? 4. The mechanics involved inn this neurological, metabolic process. we shall explore this ink detail. 5. How Psychology hasn’t really evolved as such, rather its been with us since mans early creation.

Does Psychology effect our performance in training? With out a doubt, If one is to have a thought that turns to a feeling, this happens whilst you’re running inn a race for

example, then it is most inevitable that the thoughts that are being transmitted from you’re brain, good or bad, are

effecting you’re performance. By the very least, it is clear to say with the help of science and case studies that these

frequencies of thought that are projected from the mind make you perform well or not.


Obviously the Physiology, health, state of fitness are also accountable to ones performance. What is being said here though, try not to misinterpret, is that the spark that eventually ignites our flames, is the primary source, the mechanism that channels all our body, that is our thoughts and psychology.   Try to think of it like this.  Say that you are asked  to get up at an unsociable hour for work, perhaps 5 am.  You go to be bed at 1 am, by no means

sufficient sleep, ( atlest 6 and half minimum prescribed by the ? ) Eventually it doesn’t take long to get to that dreaded hour, you’re alarm goes, the sound most uninviting to say the least. At that moment you are faced with choices, possibilities and propositions, a whole factory of thought. How do you get up and face the day on 5 hours sleep?  The answer is a form of Psychology enters you. Sometimes we as individuals don’t realise we tap into this magic everyday of our lives.

So to carry on you have a happy thought, you say to yourself ,”going into work at this time will number one, increase my bank account.  I can buy the things I want to buy.  Number 2, My employer will see how determined I am, there’s always the possibility of a promotion and so on.” All these happy thoughts. That is you’re way in dealing with such an uninviting task.

To go even deeper and explore this gift we all have. This power can turn the unimaginable into a reality. So many documented

stories of extraordinary strength, will power and courage, they would blog this blog to infinity if they were all mentioned.

It doesn’t have to be corresponding to sport, martial art, so many circumstances’ that we are faced in our daily lives. Here are but a few.


1.  THE BIELSKI BROTHERS.  The true story of three men who defied the Nazis, save 1,200 jews and built a village in the

forest.  Tuvia, zus and Asael Bielski went to wondrous  lengths in which to the normal thinkers of the world would be next

to a miracle.  They fought the nazis with undeniable courage, waged a guerrilla war of wits and cunning against both the Nazis

and pro Nazi sympathizers.  They saved well over a thousand jewish lives. THE BIELSKI BROTHERS is a dramatic and heartfelt telling of a story of the truest heroism, a historic testament to courage

in the face of unspeakable adversity.  Even though considered a haven in the forests, the unforgiving and cruel winter dealt

harshly with its inhabitants, although the spirit infused in them, there hope of being liberated gave them a burning fire that

drove them beyond understanding.  They waltzed with the devil and were able to tell there true story. REFERENCE, PETER DUFFYS







David Amroon, CEO

Defence Against A Batton, Stick E,T,C.

Welcome to one of many krav magas  life saving videos.

As we explore the WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD krav maga self defense systemYou will all appreciate this video. It has simplicity, effectiveness and an easy approach to understanding the fight or flight mode.  Remember we all have this built within ourselves, coded within our  D N A. All we need to do is practice and learn simple techniques that will SAVE YOURE LIFE, OR ANYONE WHO WOULD HAPPE TO BE WITH.

Driving forwards to the attacker, (BURSTING) using the superman approach, incorporating the shredder.  This simultaneous attack lasts only a few seconds if done properly.  Remember the best option is always to run away and live to fight another day. ALTHOUGH, there are times when that will not be available.

At our clinic we prepare you for the unexpected, life and its brutality is real, don’t be a fool, invest in life. Invest in our training, you will not regret it.

Why train with GFT?

Real-world experience

All our experience has been taken and utilized from the source.

Just like learning a language, nothing better than living in your chosen destination and reaping all its benefits. Read More

Plastic Instructors

It was crucial for us that we elaborate on the world of fraudsters, con artists and manipulate people claiming to be either krav maga practitioners, fitness instructors e,t,c.

In England alone there are hundreds of small time courses, some of which last a weekend. There are schools of krag maga with knowledge that has been acquired by there head instructor- CEO that has been foolishly desighed to have a quick fix of cash flow for there business. This leaves detrimental effects on the students. The students are led to believe that, (large proportions of them with no street awareness or martial arts) by the status of instructor they can also go out in to the world of fragility and preach. The effects are catastrophic!!

We have been informed of, due to our own investigations and having insiders, that this is quite simply a construction of PYRAMID MARKETING. The highrachy are  greedy cowboys with no idea of the art of fighting. Rather they use  mindless and manipulative buisness tools used to clean up towns and citys by:

1. maximising the number of students in a class without any room. this is to the point of simply turning the classes into more theory based without any practical.( make a cake without any ingredients, good luck! )

2. charging colossal fees and prices for PLASTIC INSTRUCTOR CERTIFICATES, waste of time seminars, displaying unrealistic holly wood film type moves.

3.PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH!!!! TRUE INSPIRATION IS FASHIONED UPON THE TEACHING OF THOSE WHO ARE RECOGNISED BY THERE EXCELLENCE IN ANY GIVEN SUBJECT. They show true results rather than displaying the flexibility a con artist has in there tongue. ( the tongue has no bone there fore it can be used to abuse. extraordinary feats it can achieve, unfortunately in a bad way. That is the path a lot will choose.)

The echo’s of these systems are of a sour and poor frequency. This abuses the krav maga system and we as an academy take this very seriously. We are utterly ashamed of all who try to pollute a gift that should be treated with respect, nurtured and honoured.  The system is based on life saving techniques and coordinated to be the most effective way inn dealing with dangerous life threatening situations.