Defence Against A Batton, Stick E,T,C.

Welcome to one of many krav magas  life saving videos.

As we explore the WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD krav maga self defense systemYou will all appreciate this video. It has simplicity, effectiveness and an easy approach to understanding the fight or flight mode.  Remember we all have this built within ourselves, coded within our  D N A. All we need to do is practice and learn simple techniques that will SAVE YOURE LIFE, OR ANYONE WHO WOULD HAPPE TO BE WITH.

Driving forwards to the attacker, (BURSTING) using the superman approach, incorporating the shredder.  This simultaneous attack lasts only a few seconds if done properly.  Remember the best option is always to run away and live to fight another day. ALTHOUGH, there are times when that will not be available.

At our clinic we prepare you for the unexpected, life and its brutality is real, don’t be a fool, invest in life. Invest in our training, you will not regret it.

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