Follow me on my quest for the ultimate in Krav Maga recognition

Certification from Wing Gate. The best university for Krav Maga in the world.

At GFA, we pride ourselves on strong foundations.  These foundations you will see on the home page. There are some othersthat should be mentioned. SINCERITY AND TRUTH.

These are highlighted in our WHAT WE DO and ABOUT DAVID pages.

You will see clearly that all credentials have been highlighted explicitly. There are no hidden worries about our experience and we are upfront.

David has explained, and will be more than happy to take any questions about his experiences.

You should get a pretty good idea about his experiences any way by watching his videos, analysing the gruelling ring time he has spent with his opponents, his ability to practice what he preaches, his flexibility inn martial arts to educating and breaking down various techniques.

His tutorials on you tube fromdynamic fitness to optimum health.

This blog is also dedicated to David’s passion for krav maga. With already fours behind him in intensive training, follow David on twitter as he puts his mind to achieving his dream of becoming a krav maga instructor with the highly acclaimed and best university inn the world for such a privilege, WING GATE.

As David quotes, ” The Israelis aint gonna make it easy forthis bouya!! they gonna push me hard, that is what I like. What they don’t understand is when they see my facial characteristics, first impressions would be, he’s broken.


That look inn my face, the water around my pupils is tears of happiness.

At the top of my voice, just on the brink of the pain thresh hold, I shall sing like the morning bird, ” give me moreeeee!!!

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