How we train


Always the best option for maximum results in minimum time. Challenge David to tailor make a perfect workout routine to suit your exact personal goals, your weekly schedule and your unique personality and body traits.

Group Sessions

Bring a group of friends for shared motivation, fun and to spread the cost.


David will occasionally hold seminars for multiple participants for martial arts and fitness.

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Personal Fitness Training

All round general fitness using free weights and calisthenics to burn calories, strengthen tendons and ligaments, build lean muscle and get super fit.

Martial Arts

With 15 years of varied martial art experience and  eventually a fully recognised instructor certification in Krav Maga (used by armies around the world), as well as private security, David can raise your game for self-defence in ways that very few others can in East London.

Krav Maga is an internationally recognised martial art taught to army soldiers because it is devastatingly effective yet extremely fast to master the basics.

The information that David is learning for krav maga is from the source, directly from Israel.  No mutations, only genuine and organic teachings.  Soon David will attend Israel for his real authentic qualification that speaks for all.  That will be attended at wing gate, the highly acclaimed university where only  the best of the best can attend.  David has been granted an invitation, although due to his humility will not attend untill he feels he is ready.

Full Body Health-Checks

Depending on your goals we can provide all-round health checks to stabilise and rejuvenate your condition with more vitality.  To elaborate on the health checks, here at GFA our seriousness to this element of life is forever crucial.  We are sure society wishes to have a long life, a healthy life were one can avoid the heavy toll fee of expenses in either private or NHS sector.  It is our concern when clients come to us,  we see that through a lack of understanding, education, and sociological aspects there health has declined to a concerning level.  Our programmes are designed for such cases were we are highly sympathetic, having family members within our own personal confines.



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