Plastic Instructors

It was crucial for us that we elaborate on the world of fraudsters, con artists and manipulate people claiming to be either krav maga practitioners, fitness instructors e,t,c.

In England alone there are hundreds of small time courses, some of which last a weekend. There are schools of krag maga with knowledge that has been acquired by there head instructor- CEO that has been foolishly desighed to have a quick fix of cash flow for there business. This leaves detrimental effects on the students. The students are led to believe that, (large proportions of them with no street awareness or martial arts) by the status of instructor they can also go out in to the world of fragility and preach. The effects are catastrophic!!

We have been informed of, due to our own investigations and having insiders, that this is quite simply a construction of PYRAMID MARKETING. The highrachy are  greedy cowboys with no idea of the art of fighting. Rather they use  mindless and manipulative buisness tools used to clean up towns and citys by:

1. maximising the number of students in a class without any room. this is to the point of simply turning the classes into more theory based without any practical.( make a cake without any ingredients, good luck! )

2. charging colossal fees and prices for PLASTIC INSTRUCTOR CERTIFICATES, waste of time seminars, displaying unrealistic holly wood film type moves.

3.PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH!!!! TRUE INSPIRATION IS FASHIONED UPON THE TEACHING OF THOSE WHO ARE RECOGNISED BY THERE EXCELLENCE IN ANY GIVEN SUBJECT. They show true results rather than displaying the flexibility a con artist has in there tongue. ( the tongue has no bone there fore it can be used to abuse. extraordinary feats it can achieve, unfortunately in a bad way. That is the path a lot will choose.)

The echo’s of these systems are of a sour and poor frequency. This abuses the krav maga system and we as an academy take this very seriously. We are utterly ashamed of all who try to pollute a gift that should be treated with respect, nurtured and honoured.  The system is based on life saving techniques and coordinated to be the most effective way inn dealing with dangerous life threatening situations.

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