Robbery At The ATM

“GFA treat life and value it to such a high degree.”

Upon hearing from the police and community officers, an increase in street crime has been occurring. This has reached such an all time high. Vulnerable people are being targeted in the community’s around local areas you will be very familiar with. Recklessness and immorality are but passive words to such a cowards way.

We are designing, and reconstructing videos to help people have an understanding of how to react in a manner that WILL give you a better chance to save you’re life.

The system, Krav Maga, emanating from its birth place Israel has Moves that have been challenged in real life scenarios, pressure tested and work according to efficiency.

Remember these videos are done with trained people. In a situation always avoid confrontation and get away. Then you should phone the police.

So for more info follow us on twitter and check out the website.

For reference this ATM has been targeted more than 3 times in the last three months.

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