February 9

Taught at Gym box stratford westfield


Gym box stratford Westfield is the brand new location for guru fitness academy’s KRAV MAGA

Being situated in the one of the largest indoor shopping centres in Europe..  The energy, eclectic mix of people will be an experience to remember… This is a brand new gym and that means a fresh new start, a fresh you with an exceptionally effective self defence system that you will learn..  Now that is delightful.

We will be holding, to start with a weekly class on a Thursday at 730pm – 8.30pm.. As the gym will open in March, we shall update the exact date, although it will probably be in the first week of March…

Our club is the OFFICIAL krav maga self defence system and only has an organic syllabus straight from the birth place of krav maga… This syllabus contains only the very latest methods, training formulas that work.  There is no ANCIENT, OLD FASHIONED and WORN OUT MARTIAL ARTS ROUTINES…..

These classes that we hold are of an exceptional value to you.. In simple terms, ” LIFE IS PRICELESS ” and unfortunately there are those who wish to manipulate and deceive everything we hold precious.

We invite you…

Be part of the family.

See you there..

The address is..

6a Chestnut Plaza Westfield,

Stratford City, Montifichet Road,

London, 620 EGL


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