Where we train

Fitness First Ilford

Join us at your local fitness centre for regular classes and free entry to the rest of the gym

Boutique Residential Gym

For privacy and comfort, join David in his home-gym for focused all-out training.    You will enjoy the following.

1  0 to 30 kg chrome full commercial dumbbells on rack, incline decline full commercial body solid bench, full frame – chin-up, triceps dips and press-ups advanced construction full commercial machine, speed cycling bike, calisthenics, plyometrcial equipment, full health  check equipment.  Organic training mat made for support of lower back region.

2. Purified water dispenser


3.  GFA diffuser machine – emits a subtle natural organic oil into the atmosphere.  ( THE GFA PERSONAL TOUCH ) depending on the type of training will be unique to the oil. eg, lavender, eucalyptus e,t,c. Once again this is the small touches that we are always considering.

4. All street wise equiptment from knives, guns, battons, boxing gloves, training pads, thai pads, focus pad.



When the weather is good, it’s good to be out in nature absorbing the suns rays and  training hard no matter who is on watch!

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