Why train with GFT?

Real-world experience

All our experience has been taken and utilized from the source.

Just like learning a language, nothing better than living in your chosen destination and reaping all its benefits.

  • Krav Maga, pioneered and engineered from israel is were we acquire our knowledge. My time in Israel has seen only the masters of krav maga train me and discipline me to be able to teach, in highly recognised and the best academies in the world.
  • Thai Boxing, a passion since my early twenties, I spent months in Thailand training in sweaty backstreet private camps.

Knowledge is power, 15 years I have acquired on my journey so far as an instructor in krav maga, thai boxing and street awareness and the psychology of the attacker.   Three years in krav maga I have acquired so far. (FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER WHERE I WILL EVENTUALLY BECOME A FULLY FLEDGED INSTRUCTOR IN KRAV MAGA THE RIGHT WAY AND NOT THE PLASTIC WAY. THE ONLY GOVERNING PLACE THAT HAS THE RIGHT TO GIVE OUT THIS HONOUR.) This is opposed to the tacky 2 to 4 week desperate certification wannabe instructors crave for to feed there egos and con the public.

(Always reference you’re instructor and check to see if it is legitimate. You would be surprised by the stories we hear, some where the student has given such a large proportion of money to a plastic instructor (3 week certificate) and has come out none the wiser.

Intensive Research

As instructors, our knowledge is constantly being updated and tweaked all the time, meaning we do not stay fixed but the intensive research that is being done. This gives us the ability to practice only the most effective responses to the ever demanding and changing world for personal security and street survival.

Tailor-made highly motivating approach

At FGA you dont get a quick fix, rush of adrenaline, and then off on your merry way.

We are here to look after you. We incorporate tailor made programmes at very competative prices all with a free lesson and if you book us for a month, we will
give you a superior fitness guru academy health check.

That’s the wake up call that private doctors are charging £250 plus! and harley street £400 plus. Well guess what? We have the same machinery and you will get a free health check lasting 1 hour 30 minutes.

In fact we go so far as to say that once you have had a session with us, we are pretty confident you will love the atmosphere, teaching ethos, friendly down to earth people that we are.

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